Hey, Kids! Have you always wanted to learn how to save the earth? With the power of recycled plastics, Captain Polypropylene will show you how!

Come alongside the eponymous Captain Polypropylene on a journey to save Greensville's park from environmental destruction: zoom around the town swiping up treacherous plastic waste defiling the sacred soil of the park!

Don't have a lot of time? Have no fear! This learning experience generally takes no more than 10 minutes.

Learn the importance of recycling plastics (and supporting local business) with a game that was obviously not originally created in three days!


  • Dynamic plastic-picking action
  • Realistic (but family-friendly) fight scenes
  • A well-designed villain with a clearly dynamic, believable personality
  • Many plastic bags, bottles, and assorted garbage to pick up and recycle!!!
  • A wholesome, inspirational message 
  • Music by Royal T. Free
  • RPG Maker default assets
  • Occasional incredible audio/visual delays


  • Arrow Keys: Walk, change choices
  • Shift: Dash
  • ENTER/RETURN/SPACE: Continue Text, Interact, Confirm Choice

(Directly clicking on the game screen is also an option)

(This game was originally created in three days on RPG Maker as part of recycling promotion project.)



RPG Maker MV
Yanfly Engine
Preload Manager  & Web Audio Cache Plugins by Tor Damian Design
Custom Title Screen Plugins by Atelier-Rgss

魔王魂--maoudamashii (maoudamashii.jokersounds.com)
RPG Maker XP Default Assets

5 Sec Crowd Cheer by Mike Koenig
Cricket Chirping at Night by Lisa Redfern

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